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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 11, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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♪ [meow] craig: that rocket stopped abruptly, didn't it? geoff: what the hell, man? craig: yeah, i was just getting used to the sound of the roar and then it was over. geoff: cat's a bad astronaut. craig: you know at the end of the show i like to talk in my "downton abbey" voice and roast my testicles by the fire. that's what i always enjoy. ah. geoff: that's the sound of satisfaction. [laughter] craig: what did you learn on the show tonight, geoffrey? geoff: i learned a little bit about horse miming. craig: yes, indeed. geoff: quite an interesting thing. a little bit of old man opera tonight. craig: old man opera. ♪ ehhhhhh
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[laughter] good night, everybody!
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the don juan con man. a fuge - who sweet-talked dozens of women.. out of a fortune. tonight: how one oe calling him the don juan con man how one of the bay area's most wanted was finally caught. i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. >> >> his undoing began when he messed with the wrong woman, a menlo park police officer. >> reporter: police arrested him back many 2010 he was convicted and sentenced to 16 months in prison but only served 3 months because he jumped parole ended up in las vegas and just last week police were responding to a battery call, arrested him, so he is
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now back in jail. men low park police officer felicia buyers knows him well. >> he is my new friend. >> reporter: she says that because he has been taunting her back in october she told las vegas, tv station he has been bragging in e-mails about how he jumped parole here in california and ended up here in vegas. >> he had this air of i used this a thousand times everybody believes me i will pull one over on you and get away with it. >> reporter: he sweet talked victims often posing as a doctor or math mety san. he said he was a math savant. used a fake name struck up a relationship, with a woman he met at starbucks. $1,900 later she found his drivers license with his real name looked him up online and found he duped many other women out of their cash as well. >> i believed him.
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>> a woman named jennifer claims he gambled with her money, and actually won a bunch but then -- >> i said let me take the $250 back you can play with the rest of it whatever you make from that we will split it he was like no, i will hang on to all of it be right back. >> reporter: police estimate there may be 30 victims maybe more not just simon he has a twin brother named jordan they often trade names and tell women they are the other twin this game perpetuated across several states even in canada. >> will he be facing charges here in the bay area then? >> reporter: right so he is being held right now on the fugitive charge out of california but we talked to the da he says what happens next is the parole board makes a decision whether they want him extradited if so he comes back here to san mateo county.
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>> joe, thank you. we are getting our first look inside the graduation party, that spiraled out of control a ransacked closet, broken furniture it all started with one text message. then 300 uninvited guests showed up to a home in los altos hills. >> reporter: yes, so that message went out on social media, within 15 minutes people trickled in shortly there after it became a deluge of trouble makers. we talked to the homeowner she doesn't want her face on tv but wants the story told. these photos posted on instay gram show rowdiness and destruction. look closely you will see a teen climbing on to one of the fixtures. >> out of hand crime scene. that is what we are calling it. >> reporter: homeowner michelle went out and left her 16-year-
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old daughter home alone to bake cupcakes and watch a movie with three friends one girl, texted an invite to three kids and it snowballed the house was trashed when as many as 300 people jammed in. the neighbor tried to turn some of the kids away telling them they were trespassing and police were on their way. >> kids just need to realize, 400, 300 kids cannot descend upon a neighbourhood without respect for all the other people in that neighbourhood. >> reporter: they broke the couch and lamps, damaged the floor, hung from the ceiling fan, broke the hinge to the metal entry gate and ransacked drawers after someone announced it was his house they were free to take anything. >> they need to be responsible if they see someone's house getting torn up are you going to stand by and watch? no, you need to take responsibility. >> reporter: the 16-year-old daughter couldn't control the crowd and escaped with the family dog and called 911 it took nearly every deputy on duty along with chp to clear
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the party. an 18-year-old was arrested on burglary and weapons charges. >> i absolutely do not believe that it was my daughter that made this happen. i can't go see a movie at night? is that what you are saying? i can't leave my 16-year-old at home alone? >> reporter: so just to clarify this happened in aptos hills, santa cruz county. chp arrested an under aged boy high on marijuana when he almost backed over some body they looked inside the car and found jewellery, a rifle and shotgun that had been stolen from the house. that 16-year-old daughter was cited for having a loud party. >> well, police believe she was responsible even if her mom doesn't think she should take all the blame. >> reporter: yeah, her mom is standing by her daughter and the mother is going to be talking to the girl who sent the initial text that started the whole thing hopefully they will work something out in terms of covering the damages.
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>> thank you. a walnut creek woman will never forget her 90th birthday party her stretch limo caught fire. the second bay area limo fire in 5 weeks the 10 women inside had just minutes to get out the guest of honor said it is a miracle they all did. >> i think, it was a miracle, really i do. because everybody was calm, inside don't know how that was because i wasn't calm inside let me tell you. >> reporter: the women, most of them in their 80s and 90s were just getting settled into the limo in walnut creek when a care give inner the group smelled smoke. >> there was a lady next to me that would have been back to back with the driver white smoke emanated from between the two of us right in that area. >> reporter: they are guessing it was an electrical problem passengers and witnesses say
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the chauffeur took charge. the owner said he had drivers go through training after last month's tragic fire, killed five nurses. he was outside when he smelled what he thought was crazy glue. >> reporter: do you have any idea how much time there was? >> minutes. about 3 minutes at the most. >> reporter: walnut creek police responded to the scene but there is no active investigation although there are questions about the number of people in the limo. >> from what i am told it was booked online for 8 passengers there were 10 in the limo i do know a couple women in the limb seen were caregivers -- limo seen were caregivers maybe they didn't factor that in. >> reporter: walnut creek police lieutenant said he doesn't think there are violations committed because the driver never left with any passengers the women made it to the party but took private
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cars. in rossmore. state senator gerry hill is pushing for fire extinguishers and emergency exits to be required in limos and calling for mandatory inspections. state lawmakers struck a tentative budget deal with governor brown with compromises on both sides the plan calls for shifting more money to all schools, especially in low income districts. it restores funding to various medical programs hit hard during the recession. in exchange lawmakers will have to stick to the governor's more cautious revenue estimates. >> it will be a budget i thinkaccomplishes all of the things we have sought. >> i think it will reflect values we hold true and the end result will be consistant with california assembly budget blueprint. >> lawmakers have until the end of the week for a full vote. worldwide man hunt for the
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man who spilled top u.s. secrets. you got to wonder how a low level contractor could pull something like that off. new push in one bay area city to ticket bicyclists every time they break the rules. call it the 99¢ diet how this guy lost almost 250 pounds by only eating from the dollar store. >> rare that it rains in the bay area in june even more rare we see this, look at these lightning strikes this morning right over top of the north bay and east bay. find out how many lightning strikes we had and if ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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which cascade just can't do. ♪ so take the finish shine challenge and get up to 50% off! journalist who exposed ame's top-secret surveillance pros says.. there are more ons to come. as fo the british journalist who exposed america's top secret surveillance program said there are more revelations to come. the man who leaked those is on the run the 29-year-old hasn't been seen since he checked out of his hong kong hotel room. before he vanished he made a number of bold and unverified claims. in this interview with the guardian newspaper ... >> i sitting at my desk certainly have authority to wire tap anyone, from you or your accountant to a federal judge to even the president if i had a personal e-mail. >> he justified the leak saying americans have a right to understand exactly how the government collects information.
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so how did a low level employee, who is a high school drop out get a hold of top u.s. secrets? kpix 5s christin ayers says when you hear how many have that clearance you wonder why it doesn't happen more often. >> reporter: he was a foot soldier, assigned to this nsa installation in hawaii although his employer was the technology consulting firm. it is not unusual for contractors to have access to classified information. according to this report by the director of national intelligence, 483,000 contractors held top secret clearances last year compared to 791,000 government employees. both go through the same background checks, a process which this report shows can take over a year. what stunned officials about snowden was that a low level contractor could gain access to
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a number of disparate intelligence programs each walled off behind levels of classification above his top secret clearance. his job was to ensure classified computer networks were operating properly, and that apparently allowed him to get past security barrierbrowse at will. >> i had access to the full rosters of everyone at the nsa entire intelligence community and under cover assets around the world. >> reporter: he copied his last batch of classified documents three weeks ago and told his boss he needed time off for epilepsy treatment. senator feinstein head of the senate intelligence committee says snowden committed an act of treason and he should be prosecuted. snowden hinted he may try to seek asylum in iceland. another nasty bike crash this time a bicyclist hit a woman walking on the sidewalk in downtown san francisco.
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she is hospitalized with life threatening injuries. no question, drivers cyclists and pedestrians are not always on the same page but sharon chin says there is a new push to get everyone to get along and could involve more tickets. sharon. >> reporter: well, certainly bike lanes do help. this lane market street between 6th and vannest this was newly repainted and repave repaved but not enough. they ride nearly 60 miles of bicycle lanes in san francisco a third added in the last year alone but not everyone knows the rules. civil grand jury report mentioned bicycle training for drivers and pedestrians. >> motorists don't pay attention to a lot of bikers and pedestrians. >> needs to be more education for the bike riders they don't
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follow traffic laws. >> reporter: the grand jury calls on san francisco police to start a specific category for bicycle citations. >> we should be fined if we are doing something wrong but probably our own law rather than car law. >> reporter: with growing popularity of cycling, injury crashes grew from more than 500 in 2009 to 630 in 2011 and there were four bicycle fatalities last year. >> the report calls for zero bias call fatalities. leah of the san francisco bicycle coalition says safety classes will extend to taxis and businesses as they have to muni drivers. >> we see a lot more opportunity in other language communities, opportunity among families and older folks. >> reporter: okay so to put in perspective, nearly 5,000
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people pass safety classes last year taught by the san francisco bicycle coalition but only represent .01% of the city's population. a lot of room as far as education is concerned. >> how did it do during rush hour when all those people tend to collide? >> reporter: well, i think in terms of market street and this section where the area has been repainted and repaved, it was bright, it was pretty smooth i mean the bicycles were able to get through. we didn't see collisions or problems they were glad to see they are more clearly marked than they used to be. >> restore order i guess. thank you. long complex fight over the so called morning after pill appears to be over. today the federal government told a judge that it will comply with his order to allow girls of any age to buy emergency contra representation
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without prescription. obama administration argued for age limits, women's rights groups insisted the drug should be made available as freely as aspirin. apple revamped its operating system among new features is a kill switch. they are taking the first step at deterring thieves. in san francisco alone, half of all robberies involve cell phones. it is part of the new ios 7 software unvailed at apples worldwide developers conference. now, with activation lock if a thief tries to turn off, find my iphone or even wipe the device entirely, they will not be able to reactivate it because they don't know your ipod user name and password. >> san francisco da says he is impressed by the activation lock. saw some pretty crazy lightning out there today. >> it was all over the place.
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>> rare for us. first the temperature drop 30 to 40 degrees, saturday to sunday then, people trying to get a good night's rest, that is vacaville. video from livermore very active night more than 400 lightning strikes in the bay area between midnight and 8:00 a.m. in the morning. >> unbelievable. they just spark a few small fires. >> thankfully they were small. we have had the potential to be a big problem but wasn't when it comes to lightning being a big fire issue. mainly clear skies low cloud cover not developed when you wake up tomorrow morning, cloudy any where close to the bay. weather service, counted 418 lightning strikes but zero, major new fires from all of those lightning strikes on the
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radar. kpix 5 def doppler. your average high, 82, tomorrow 77, sunny wednesday, a couple degrees milder but still below milder with high of 79 degrees. low pressure passed by taking thunderstorms and rainfall we had with it in its wake we have a light to moderate on shore flow, coming from the pacific ocean. afternoon sunshine temperatures running a few degrees below normal. high pressure will not move in. this one diving down from canada not going to give us rainfall, take that on shore flow and if you are making plans for saturday or sunday, sunny, very chilly, 5 to 12 degrees below average. no more thunderstorms also no more 100-degree temperatures. temperatures going to stay near or below normal all the way threw this weekend likely to this time next week.
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concord, 78, afternoon sunshine, campbell 77 union city 71, pittsburgh, 79 degrees, 78 san ramon, livermore 80, 63 san francisco, nevada, 74. a couple ladies north, clover dale, 83 degrees. afternoon sunshine look at the afternoon sunshine look at the weekend down ,,,,,, 3q
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to lose weight. the 99-cent diet. this los angeles based rapp lost 250 pounds within 18 >> being hyped as one of the hottest new ways to lose weight. >> 99-cent diet this los angeles based rapper lost 250 pounds within 18 months by only eating food he bought at the 99¢ store. >> i don't believe it. >> went to the fridge throughout everything that would get in my way cookies candy, chips, everything. >> okay so he filled his fridge with produce from the $1 store
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and started walking up to 5 miles every day that will do it he said you just can't beat the price. >> i thought he was going to say oreos. >> pushing that cart around. >> we will be right back first a look at the new eastern ,,,, ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive. was a jokester on the footbl field... ...even changed his name, after his jersey numb, ochocinco...but his move ofe today landed him >> chad johnston was a jokester on the football field. but his move off the field
2:06 am
landed him into some serious hot water. >> any questions? do you have questions for him? >> no, sir. >> everybody in the courtroom is laughing. i am not accepting these plea negotiations. >> rar. about to give johnston three months probation instead she sentenced him to 30 days in jail for slapping his attorney on the rear end and making a mockery of her court. wednesday will mark, the first time, these clubs have faced each other since 1979, bruins and blackhawks each have won airtight until the last three years. monday night top 5 bruins, shaone thornton. >> anaheim, greatest day of my life second time i won it here was equally as good. >> better than when you got married? >> yeah, she knows that too.
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>> she hasn't walked out yet? >> every canadian kid grows up dreaming about winning the stanley cup not many little boys grow up dreaming about their wedding day. number four candlestick park like fog today in chicago. number three, major league ultimate frizz bee. san francisco has a franchise, so does boston. jeff graham for the score. number two, brian buckton. deep center field. great catch, at the 407-foot side. number one, mark reynolds, way to his right. thrown out in time, back to reynolds get the runner at 3rd base and the rangers ,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. david letterman is next. >> have a great evening see you tomorrow
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